Thai girls kiss??

2000-11-08 17:32:00
From : Gazza
I just kiss them and if they react differently then I stop or at least find out what is acceptable.

You would probably ask if her friend does. LOL.
Well I would...
If the girl doesn't kiss, I may aswell be with the eskimos!
Cold, very cold.(or is that the beer I'd be kissing instead)

2000-11-08 17:49:00
From : MARKT24
To : Gazza
I was with a freelancer one night who was really into kissing, more so than me even, so I asked her about why some Thai girls didn't like to kiss.
She informed me without hesitation or elaboration that 60% of Thai girls liked to kiss. Not 50%, not 70%, not 'most', not 'some', but 60% precisely, and she said it with the confidence of somebody who had taken a formal poll on the subject. Anyway, guess you had to be there, it was pretty funny.

Also had another girl who I didn't go with make a comment when watching some farangs on tv kissing that she didn't understand why farangs liked to kiss, and referred to it as unclean. Ironically, this otherwise cute girl had some of the worst teeth i've ever seen in my life.

2000-11-08 18:05:00
From : Gazza
To : MARKT24
Funny and intresting reply Mark,LOL.
Its a strange way of the girls we love...
Likes, dislikes,and the minds of some being educated differently.
Have you ever heard of people in the medical proffesion saying that oral sex is cleaner than mouth to mouth kissing ?
I have, and just cannot understand where they get there education.
But once again someone could know for sure on the board and enlighten me on the subject-(hello scuba, where are you.)
2000-11-08 19:39:00
My understanding is that the sniff kiss is the normal Thai kiss, While most of them like to "Western kiss" its something they have adopted from us. Don't worry Rabbit ! when you are next next here I will give you all the sniff kisses you want.
2000-11-08 19:55:00

Wait a minute Mr. Slim One - let me digest this: "... when I am here next you will give me all the sniff kisses you want".

Now we have had dinner and drank and Woodstock - so I gather what you are trying to say is:

That on my next trip:

1. You plan to have you girlfriend give me all the sniff kisses I want


2. You are going to pay all the barfines and fees for all the women from NEP, Soi Cowboy, Atami, Eden, Patpong and Poseiden - and anywhere else I may have left out - would say Thermae but I'm not letting you of like a CheapBastard2 - LOL.

Thank you and I will definitely pick selection #2 as I know you are such a Gentleman and a Scholar.


2000-11-08 19:56:00
To : Gazza

SSSSShhhhhhhh - don't let out any of rabbit's secrets - LOL.

just the ole fuzzy bunny

2000-11-08 21:37:00
From : REDBULL6666
To : T_Ngern

All the soapy girls I have had have been enthusiastic kissers. I did once have a massage girl that didn't want to kiss at all. She did kiss passionatly when we were "in the act". Afterwards she told me her doctor told her "kissing causes HIV!". Told her that the doctor was full of shit.


2000-11-08 23:23:00
From : DickLoudon
I've never come across any Inuit in the Canadian Arctic who rubbed noses with another person. Given the temperatures there, they'd likely get stuck, nostril to nostril. The only way to get unstuck is for one of them to sneeze. My gf from Isaan sniff kisses sometimes, and western style sometimes, but only in private or in a dark club.
2000-11-09 12:48:00
To : DickLoudon

Thanks - "only when you sneeze" hahahahahaha - that means you could be stuck for a long time.



2000-11-09 01:55:00
From : JGA2000
>So much is said about this sniff kiss which I have never encounter - unless it
was done to me while I was sleeping - LOL. I hope that this doesn't mean that I


What? You've never received a single sniff-kiss? The girl I was with in Bangkok gave me dozens of them every day and one of the girls at K11 in Cambodia practically sniff-kissed me to death. The best regular kisser was also a girl from K11, but a girl I was with in Pattaya last night was a close second.

You're definitely missing out... the sniff-kiss is one of the things that I will remember the most about Thailand (since you'll never get one back home).