Are Thai Pussy's Small?

2000-01-01 21:01:00
To : ALL
Compared to American women, are Thai pussys small? I tend to like more petite girls and on my last trip (first time) to Thailand, a couple of girls complained about it hurting and to be gentle. What's the scoop?
2000-01-01 21:32:00
As a petite Thai bar girl explained to me long ago, "Thai lady small everywhere." Another bar girl told me that it's not the thickness that bothers them. It's the length. If you're very long, you can easily slam into the mouth of their uterus if you get carried away. The first woman I ever picked up -- at a now defunct massage parlour in 1973 -- apparently had size problems. I noticed she placed her thumb and forefinger around my prong to keep it from going in too far. Now I may be a tad bigger than average, but I'm sure as hell not porn star material. Incidentally, that massage girl had already had one child. I read in a Thai men's magazine in the 1980s that the average Thai man has a penis of between 4 1/2 and 5 inches. (5 inches = 12.5 cm) Overall, I think it safe to say that Thai women are smaller down there than western women. Finding a Thai woman big as a bucket is extremely unusual. In the west, it's almost the rule.
2000-01-01 21:41:00
Thai women are generally small, so wouldn't it seem to follow that their vaginas are also small? Remember, these women aren't crazy about what they do for a living, especially on those nights when they have to work with gynecological problems. If they complain about your tool, try asking for a hand job or BJ, it's safer for you and more tolerable for them. Also, it's better for your kharma to be good to them. Don't feel cheated if you don't hump them, they're worth every baht just for their company.
2000-01-01 22:02:00
Yes, they are. In America I am Thailand....big man.


2000-01-01 23:18:00
Another thing you might consider is that these girls are working, and most of them are not always excited (sexually) about the work. I have to admit most seem to eventually get into it, but a little added lubrication (KY) ususally eases any discomfort, except the depth part that OG refered to.
2000-01-02 03:19:00

That's the same way I feel and I'm oriental, ha ha. In America nothing special, in Thailand, pornstar.

2000-01-04 01:30:00
Hi Folks,

Methinks there is some myth making going on here or EGO massaging! I have been visiting LOS since 72 and have had several LT girl friends. My current wife is a tad over 4'7" and 38.5kg and is petite to say the least! Now I am not "hung" by pornstar measurements but probably <wait on>........... exactly, I asked my wife to harden me up, 7 & 3/4". Now I have to tell you guys that my wife has never, not once complained that I was too big.

She has told me that the girls will tell there customer that because it makes them "Big Face" sorry guys, but unless she has the blood coming <which will make them less lubricated> or they have a disease, then its a con.

2000-01-04 05:01:00
From : 2KNIGHT1
I was once told that post op transsexuals sometimes have the problem of having their partners "hit bottom". That isn't what winds my watch, so I can't speak from personal experience, but I have heard this from more than one person.
2000-01-04 10:32:00
I think you could be right in many cases that the girls have found this to be a way to make there client feel better. I don't think it a total myth though. Asian girls are small and everything should be proportionate in most cases. I also had my non-working girlfriend tell me Thai men much smaller, you are bigger. I ask if she like, she says, I like, it makes orgasm better. (paraphrasing...she used Thai word) She also said I make plom plom long time....good. Thai men plom plom good for girl. Not trying to speak for all here just my personal experience.


2000-01-04 10:38:00
From : SANUK1

well, this might be true somewhat.

However, as for my girlfriend, she often gets hurt after sex, as her vagina gets
real tight after intercourse.
She´s not a bar-girl, but often other (bar-) girls told me, that mine is a big one.
Once, a freelancer did come to my room in Bangkok with her friend.
The friend was just waiting, while I had sex with the more beautiful girl in the dark.
Later, this girl wanted me to show my big dick to her friend, cause " is very big.", though it is only about average as for western standarts...