glory holes?

2001-01-25 20:43:00
From : K1221N
To : ALL
are there any good glory hole locations in pattaya or bangkok? any info would be appreciated.
2001-01-25 22:32:00
From : SQUID64
To : K1221N

Excuse my ignorance, but what sort of hole is this?
2001-01-25 22:40:00
From : PABSY
To : SQUID64
i think its where you put yr willy in a hole and someone on the other end gives you a bj, err i've seen pictures
I,m not wearing any pants
2001-01-25 22:41:00
To : SQUID64
Yeah. Is this hole you're referring to of a particular dimension?!? If you're referring to moving holes, well, I think you've hit the motherlode of holes! the superbowl of holes!
2001-01-25 22:53:00
From : ZWOEL69
To : K1221N

Why not just go to a BJ bar?


2001-01-25 23:00:00
To : ZWOEL69
To get the same effect, go to a BJ bar and keep your eyes closed.
2001-01-26 01:17:00
To : K1221N
Pattya ia a glory hole
2001-01-26 01:44:00
From : SCUBA22
To : K1221N
I could be wrong, but in the US, glory holes were primarily gay phenomena as I understood it.

Are you asking for places for anonymous gay sex, or are you looking for hetero blow jobs?

2001-01-26 05:15:00
To : SCUBA22
Hi Scuba god, what an amazing idea...a hole in the wall that you could stick your schlonger through to get a bj......shit, in Thailand it would extend the average bar girls working life (female and katoey) out to 100...the lack of social security here in Thailand solved in an instant..excuse me you require teeth or no teeth?...don't worry about the weezing noise, its just the oxygen mask...I am sorry sir..was the the leper special you were requiring?.....afficianado's could discuss the merits of "gum jobs"...
...I gotta get out of here.....must be beer time..

2001-01-26 05:21:00
To : ALL
Glory holes? Isn't that the old Bruce Springstein song?

"Glory holes, well they'll pass you by
Glory holes, in the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory holes, glory hooooooles!"


Ha! Ha!