New, young (but legal) girls and where

1999-12-03 20:15:00
From : DR_RANGER98
To : ALL
Having travelled to Bangkok and Pattaya in the past, for my next trip I am looking for young girls (18 and older) new to the game. Where's the best place to go looking in Pattaya and in Thailand?

Enjoy the life.

1999-12-03 22:04:00
In Bangkok, you can try some of the massage parlours, for example at the Chao Phaya II (Sri Ayutthaya road) they actually have a little 'fishbowl' with newbies that look quite young. Other parlours where I have noticed 'new' young girls (some very attractive) that you could try are the New Stella Massage (New Phetchaburi road, a little past Soi Soon Vijai) and Texas Massage on Yarowrat road (Chinatown) across from the Chinatown Hotel in the lane next to McDonalds. At both New Stella and Texas the 'young' girls are on the side-line sitting outside the bowl in the cafe area. Generally at the massage parlours you can ask the attendant to point you to the newbies.

At the bars I'm not really sure, but I've noticed that at many bars there are some young waitresses that are willingly to go with the 'right' customer who would qualify as young and perhaps not that experienced. Which bars (?) cannot say definitely but some of the King's bars in Patpong seem to have many young attractive and (willingly) waitresses.

In another thread that posed the same question - someone suggested the Nana disco as another possibility.


1999-12-03 22:58:00
.On Patpong Road I always found that there seemed to be a lot of young girls in the upstairs bars. Also at Safari they quite often have young hostesses that are just starting out and are to shy to dance yet, sometimes these girls will go with you. Samuigeorge
1999-12-04 06:12:00
Could you tell us, where the "safari" is located at and what kind of bar/disco that is please?
thanks ;-)
1999-12-04 06:25:00
It might be much more difficult in finding girls "new into the game" than young girls, as they can be found almost everywhere, my prefered location is the NANA DISCO at the Nana Hotel! At about 0130am you have the perfect choice, especialy on Saturday/Sunday, but also during the rest of the week. You can believe me, there are damn enough sexy and nice girls-as for myself i am 26years old and describe myself kind of choosy, before i "take" some girl.
Be advised to decide before, if you hang around with her for a longer time, as afterwards it will be very difficult to butterfly at this location again, many girls know eachother and keep talking about you, when they see you the next day with another girl again!
But all of them have a lovely personality, so treat them with respect and dont just "f..." them!!

Another good place is the Hard Rock Cafe and Novotel Disco, both on Siam Square, most of the girls are freelancers, but i dont know if some of them are real newbies as well.
Forget the massage parlours, first you have a time-limit and second you will never have the same fun with those girls, like if you start flirting in any bar and then see what happens...

Life is great in Thailand!

1999-12-04 10:35:00
To : DR Ranger
Check out the brothels in Pattaya. I posted directions on this site somewhere, search and you shall find!


1999-12-04 10:52:00
From : DR Ranger
Are they new to the trade at the Pattaya brothels?
1999-12-04 15:28:00
I really liked the selection at Nana (aka Love, aka Angel) Disco when I was there. I picked up a great college girl freelancer. However, the place overall caters to a lower income crowd. How does the Hardrock and Novotel compare?
1999-12-04 15:46:00
Barfine, if you are on Silom Road and you walk down Patpong 1 about 50 meters down on your right is Safari. It is a GoGon Bar that plays rock & roll. It has a lot of hostesses dressed in Traditional Thai Dress, most of them are older and long ago were dancers, but some of them are brand new and still to shy to dance. I remember one girl I saw her one day and she was in the tradional Thai Dress, and very shy. About three days later she was dancing but wearing a very un revealing bathingsuit, two weeks later she was showing her tits. Samuigeorge.
1999-12-04 19:53:00
The Safari is an old gogo bar on Patpong. I remember going to it in the late '70s anyway. Used to be my favourite for a long time. Then it started getting a bit more expensive -- the beginning of the Patpong price rises. The Safari used to have a great Rockettes style line up every night -- all the girls shoulder to shoulder high kicking topless. Nothing like having 20 or so naked women dancing in front of you ... follow the bouncing boobs. Noi, the real life bar girl who played the bar girl in "The Deer Hunter", used to work in the Safari in the mid-80s.