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Mangda - leeching of their girlfriends

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#1 khunsanuk


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Posted 24 February 2007 - 09:08

A lot of the bargirls have Thai boyfriends, or even husbands. These guys are aware of the the fact that their girlfriend/wife is sleeping with customers, and don't care. They are living off them, much like a parasite, a 'mangda' in Thai.

I personally can't imagine that they really love their girlfriends, and are with them only for the money they receive from them. Money which they might very well spend on fucking other women, or use to support a drughabit.

A lot of these guys work in the same bars as their girlfriends, often as a DJ or tout, or they just hang around outside on their motorbikes (bought by their girlfriends of course).

So, if they are this bad, why do the girls tolerate them?
I don't really have an answer to this, although I do have an assumption. I think that the majority of the bargirls does not really enjoy sleeping with farangs, especially if they are old, overweight, drunk and/or smelly (no offence if you fit that category). They can not really relate to us farangs because of the language-, culture- and often times age-gap.
However, they do want affection, want to be able to talk to a person who can understand them, go out with people in their same age group, and maybe, just maybe even get into a real relationship and have a normal life. And this is where the mangda's come in.

I think that even though the girls are working in the farang-oriented sex-industry and all say "I no like man Thai", that the reverse is true. Most would probably prefer a Thai guy over a farang. Why? Because there will be no cultural and language barrier, and she will probably be more physically attracted to him.
The problem though is that most Thai men would never consider marrying a bargirl, unless they are themselves just as far down the social ladder and might consider her as a meal ticket out of poverty (similar to how a bargirl might look at a relationship with a farang). The kind of guys that work in the sex-industry (either as a tout or DJ, or even as a male prostitute) would certainly fit in this category.

With this in mind, it isn't that surprising that a girl who sleeps with farangs to make money, but is not attracted to them and still has hopes of one day settling down and raising a family, might get attracted to a guy who is in the same low social standing as her, and is probably a lot more attractive to her than her farang customers.
This guy is also most likely gonna be really nice to her, treat her well, and make her all kind of promises. It isn't until later that he will show his true colors, but by then leaving him might not be that easy anymore.
The girl also probably knows that he is not the best catch she could hope for, but in her eyes he is probably one of the better options. Certainly better than marrying a much older farang and having to leave her family behind.

Anyway, all of this is just MHO, and since I am neither a bargirl nor a mangda, I could be completely off target here :)

#2 Dali



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Posted 03 March 2007 - 19:43

Interesting thoughts.  In the US I've heard of girls working at strip clubs who were married and their husband would come pick them up at the club after work.  Typically the husband was unemployed or underemployed, a druggie or just a low life.  But these girls weren't actually sleeping with other men!

Would enjoy hearing from other board members who might have some actual insight into how bar girls and their husbands/boyfriends think (if that's possible - ha!).

same same, but different

#3 sanddawg1



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Posted 04 March 2007 - 05:35

It is a strange situation about working girls where ever they are.  I have always thought that the "town whore" could pick up move to a town a 100 miles away, get a regular job start going to church marry a nice guy and no one would ever be the wiser.  This would more so be true in LOS; a girl could screw everyone in BKK save her money "HA HA" move back to Issan marry a farmer and no one would know.  MHO

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#4 Barry


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Posted 04 March 2007 - 10:50

A lot of the Amsterdam girls have parasite boyfriends (apparently mostly Turks/Moroccans) who spend their days drinking, playing cards etc. It's often these guys who get the girls into the game in the first place. They use various psychological holds such as threatening to tell the parents etc, but I think often the girl is just weak/lonely enough to go along with what he wants.

#5 Sukhumvit


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Posted 04 March 2007 - 10:52

I think pimps the world over operate in a similar fashion. They lay some good loving on a none too bright chick and then send her out into the world selling her ass to keep him in beer and fags (that's cigarettes for non UK viewers). Unfortunately for I, I have not yet met a sufficient number of bitches to keep dis playa in Tetleys bitter.  :thumbdown:  So I still has to work, from time to time.  :shocked:  :mad:
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#6 manchester_dave



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Posted 04 March 2007 - 12:39

An interesting article with a lot of truth in it. I have been involved in running bar beers for the last 7 years. The last 3 with a degree of success, by that I mean making a profit.

From my observations I would say only 20% of the girls have a regular Thai boyfriend. Like you say they are often involved in the periphery of the industry, tout, DJ, motorcycle taxi guy etc etc

At one of my bars two out of the 15 girls that work there regularly have farang boy friends who they live with whilst working at the bar beer.

This I personally have the most problem with as there have been instances where they have bowled up to the bar drunk causing problems out of jealousy, the farang BF that is.

The farang BF are both youngish , mid twenties and from England. They are both banned from the bars and if I see them loitering nearby I will see them off in no uncertain terms.

The Thai BF stay away and show no interest in turning up.

My experience is limited solely to Samui, all the girls are from Issarn.


#7 wonderlust



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Posted 04 March 2007 - 19:55

It's way too much of a generalisation to say bar girls prefer Thai men over farangs. Obviously the girls don't really think the big fat smelly old sex tourist is a handsome man but equally there are old and ugly Thai men. Look at the way the girls in Pattaya interact with the young farangs and you can see they are genuinely attracted to them. I think most Thai girls would love a handsome young farang boyfriend.

#8 Bkkbound04


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Posted 04 March 2007 - 20:30

Another variation on this story is the frequent number of times I hear from P4P girls that they don't like Thai guys for all sorts of reasons, BKK in particular I hear the broken heart by a thai guy story being the route into the scene.I'm always hearing stories of how bad such an such a girls thai BF is etc...
Each of the  girls I've know was so different in so many ways, the only common denominator was they were 100% female and cute(according to my own definitions!).


#9 Barry


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Posted 05 March 2007 - 00:12

I've had plenty of girls telling me what pigs Thai men are. One wanted me to speak to her estranged husband who had previously said it would end when she has sex with a customer, and handed me the phone. Happily, he didn't answer.

#10 bust


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Posted 05 March 2007 - 14:33

Asked a girl once why she was interested in a farang twice her age and not a young hansum thai boy and she responded  I'm interested in you ...and you just happen to be twice my age , that's all
"I get enough exercise just pushing my luck"

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