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Thai Teak Furniture - Best Place To Buy ?

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#1 gobbledonk


    old hand

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 05:34

OK - I've seen it in the high-end malls ($$$) and I've seen it at Chatuchak, but I'm not interested in filling a condo with tables and chairs etc. Just thinking about a low table to put a stereo on - something like this:

Posted Image

When I see anything like that in Pattaya or CM, my immediate thought is 'Ha ! Tourist prices !', but I honestly have no idea what I should be paying. It doesnt have to be a genuine antique (obviously those cost more), but I do want that antique look - anyone ?


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#2 Flashermac



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Posted 04 June 2013 - 05:55


A happy childhood... is the worst possible preparation for life. - Kinky Friedman

#3 gobbledonk


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Posted 04 June 2013 - 06:09

Excellent - thanks Flasher - I have to go out to Bang Sue on another matter, so this will be a welcome diversion ! Whilst I shan't be needing any spirit houses or religious statues, the other stuff looks interesting. I ran into an English teacher a while back who told me that, even on his meagre salary, he had been able to fill his apartment with teak furniture : pretty obvious that he wasnt paying tourist prices.
the price of freedom :> eternal nonchalance

#4 Dumsoda


    Sex Tourist

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Posted 04 June 2013 - 11:59

It won't be hard for you to ...get wood....once you hit the Beach, my friend..

Whatever !!

#5 gobbledonk


    old hand

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Posted 06 June 2013 - 23:38

Great stuff, DS - you should give Saturday Night Live a call  ;)
the price of freedom :> eternal nonchalance

#6 unit731



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Posted 19 June 2013 - 15:29

On taking the tour to Bridge on River Quai - many years ago - from Bangkok.  Large tour bus.
Long ride to Quai Bridge and railway.
Bus drove through flat farming land and forested areas.
The tour guide mentioned that the harvesting of Teak trees in Thailand was banned.  
He had just about finished his talk about the teak wood ban and out through the forest came this very large lumber truck with long recently cut logs.  I'm no arborist but it looked like teak to me.  

"On January 10, 1989 Thailand banned harvesting of timber in
the country following the worst flooding there in nearly a century.
Thailand had long been a traditional exporter of raw logs and in
more recent years had begun to develop a competitive furniture
industry.  Despite the ban on harvesting, Thailand's furniture
industry has continued to climb in terms of total output and export
value.  The country now imports large amounts of raw teak and other
wood from Myanamar and Cambodia.  This trade is not documented nor
is it always even carried out with the permission of the
governments in Yangoon and Phnom Penh, respectively.  In fact,
these two countries are now experiencing some of the highest
deforestation rates in the world."

"I lived to tell the story, but did not tell the story to live".

Diego Garcia

#7 Flashermac



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Posted 19 June 2013 - 15:44

I think it has at least slowed down in Burma since the generals gave up some of their power. But Hun Sen is pure evil and is doing his best to turn Cambodia into one big rubber plantation. Everything else is being cut down.
A happy childhood... is the worst possible preparation for life. - Kinky Friedman

#8 Pom Michael

Pom Michael

    The Dude

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Posted 04 June 2017 - 11:24

Anything updated?  Looking to move into a house for the first time and planning on buying some decent furniture for a change.
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#9 bust


    Beach Inspector

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Posted 04 June 2017 - 12:17

Sadly a lot of the illegally logged teak from Burma ends up in the EU since they lifted export bands. Better price for them.
"I get enough exercise just pushing my luck"

#10 migrant



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Posted 05 June 2017 - 00:09

There is a few vendors that come to a saturday market at the Dahnsinkohn border, Prachuap Khiri Khan.  A friend was down from Chiang Mai and bought a lot of furniture there saying even with shipping the cost was less than CM

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