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The Mother Jailed For Refusing To Vaccinate Her Son Says She Would 'do It All Over...

14 October 2017 - 23:58


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Because it's like: Makeup will fix that, right?

New Zealand's Sex Industry Model 'as Useful As A Burst Condom'

14 October 2017 - 22:38

After many many years of feminists trumpeting NZ's laws, around hooking, as progressive and pro women, and these laws being put in place in large part by 'our' Helen Clark, there's this:

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Author Julie Bindel​, a combative radical feminist from England, and former New Zealand sex worker Sabrinna Valisce​ have been making international headlines with their scathing critique and tales of abuse.

Speaking from Bergen, Norway, the morning after a book launch, Bindel says her work is a grassroots, investigative expose of legitimised sex work around the world.

A prostitution abolitionist, she uses words unlike those used in New Zealand's sex industry....

...It's not sex workers or prostitutes; it's "prostituted women". Brothel owners are pimps or abusers, no bones about it. Johns or sex buyers aren't always punters; they're also abusers.

And the service provided by women in the sex industry is spoken of in violent terms.

"Sex for a woman, when you don't want it – in any orifice – is a horrible experience, even when we're not describing it as rape. Calling it work, and doing it over and over again in one day, is a form of torture."

more at the link:


Why do women, who purport to be pro feminist and seem always to be spitting tacks, usually look like Julie above? and very rarely like Brigitte below?

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Venice Of The East - Massive Deluge Plunges Bangkok Into Chaos

14 October 2017 - 21:54

I though the powers that be said there was no flooding?

Vis Thai Visa and Thai Rath.


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Thai Rath reported that Bangkok had become one big set of 'klongs' this morning.

Following very heavy rainfall in the night many roads were impassable to smaller vehicles.

They said among the main arteries affected were Viphawadee Rangsit, Chaeng Wattana, Rachadapisek, Lat Prao, Petchaburi and Petkasem.

They said there was widespread disruption at the five ways Lat Prao intersection near their offices on Viphawadee Rangsit where traffic was at a virtual standstill in both directions at one point.


Anyone on the ground? or in the soup so to speak, who can update this?

Bangkok Literally Sinking In Sex As Brothels Steal Groundwater

06 October 2017 - 00:48

I would have thought that it was the cumulative efforts of all the bouncy bouncy, you know, like people all jumping up and down, on a bridge, the combined down force, on the down stroke, so to speak, is driving the city down, like a distributed pile driver, :)


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Colloidal Silver Turns You Blue—But Can It Save Your Life?

05 October 2017 - 19:18



SILVER HAS BEEN a favored defense against infection since ancient times. Pliny the Elder reported in 78 AD that silver slag, the gunk left over from smelting silver, “has healing properties as an ingredient in plasters,” and Cyrus the Great, king of Persia from 550 to 529 BC, stayed healthy by drinking only boiled water stored in silver flagons. (According to Herodotus, mule-drawn carts laden with silver urns followed King Cyrus “whithersoever” he went.)

During the Middle Ages, monks popularized the use of silver nitrate, a salt formed by reacting silver with nitric acid, to treat ulcers and burns. Relative to other premodern health tips, these were actually pretty good ideas, because—as scientists discovered once they finally figured out germ theory—silver does have germ-fighting abilities.

The exact mechanism by which it attacks bacterial cells still isn’t clear, but scientists have some guesses. Silver is most toxic to microbes in its ionized form—AG+, same as in those silver nitrate salts—which seems to deactivate important microbial enzymes and potentially screw with DNA replication..... more at link above.

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